Frequently Asked Questions

Do our employees or members need to be photographers, artists, or particularly 'creative' to participate?

Not at all! photoSana focuses on the journey rather than the end product. Our structured steps and methodologies aim to unearth or amplify purpose, connection, and meaning within professional contexts and personal lives. photoSana stands on the belief that every individual is inherently creative. Whether this creativity has been overlooked, unacknowledged, or dormant, photoSana is designed to awaken and nurture it.


Can our team members use smartphones or tablets? What type of camera is recommended?

Any camera at all works for photoSana.

A smartphone or a tablet is perfect. If you are versed in using professional-grade cameras with various lenses, that's just fine too. Any digital device that captures images will suffice.


Is photoSana entirely online?

Yes. All interactions are executed through email or phone sessions. All media transfers, such as images or audio clips, are conducted via a free online file service, Dropbox. The photoSana program is accessible to any organization or individual with a device, be it a smartphone, camera, computer, or tablet, and an internet connection.


What do I need before I start my photoSana?

  • A camera: (can be a smartphone, tablet, digital camera, etc.)
  • A account - you can get a free account at


Is the photoSana process confidential?

Absolutely. Given the nature and depth of the program, privacy is paramount. Both parties will complete a Confidentiality Agreement before commencing the photoSana program.


Is there an ideal age to be a photoSana participant?

photoSana is for anyone who can snap an image on their phone or camera and write a few words on paper or a screen. It is for all ages. We all have different goals, challenges, and areas to work through at different times. photoSana is a customized process, so the best-suited and perfect photoSana will be available at this stage in your life.

(Please note: Children under 18 need their parent or guardian's consent to participate in photoSana.)


How did the name photoSana originate?

‘photo’ is an abbreviation of ‘photography’. ‘Sana’ is Latin for healing or health, so photoSana is ‘photography healing’. ‘Sana’ is also a name of Eastern origin, and it means ‘brightness, radiance or greatness’.


Can you design and build custom and unique industry, sector, and needs-specific photoSana processes for my organization?

Certainly, we are equipped to collaborate with you, understand your unique needs, and craft a bespoke photoSana experience for your team.


Are you a therapist?

No, I am not a licensed therapist. As an accomplished photographer, author, filmmaker, fine artist, and director, my vocation is rooted in the rich soil of storytelling and creative expression. With photoSana, I bring this tapestry of artistic disciplines into the corporate realm, providing a sophisticated blend of visual and narrative artistry that fosters individual self-discovery and holistic development. My approach is to harness the evocative power of art to kindle innovation, drive progress, and pave pathways for healing and enrichment that resonate with the strategic ambitions of forward-thinking organizations.


Why was photoSana conceived?

photoSana's inception was more organic than strategic. My professional journey as a commercial photographer, filmmaker, writer, artist, director, and mentor over the decades led me to recognize the profound impact of nurturing creativity. Witnessing individuals from diverse walks of life discover their inherent creative prowess and its subsequent positive ramifications on their mental well-being was my inspiration—photoSana endeavors to foster creative and emotional health, culminating in overall personal and professional enrichment.


Is photoSana a cure-all?

While not a magical cure, organizations and individuals who immerse themselves in the photoSana journey invariably report enhanced purpose, confidence, connectivity, joy, and satisfaction in their professional and personal spheres.


What is the photoSana fee?

For the latest fees (including discount offers) and services, please see the photoSana Guide.